2 New Reasons Why You Can’t Deliver Cannabis To Virginia? 

2 New Reasons Why Can’t You Deliver Cannabis To Virginia? 

Recently Virginia had a “Cannabis Family Reunion” as reported by NBC 10 news and some details came to light as to why you can’t deliver cannabis to virginia. “Recreational marijuana advocates joined together in Roanoke for the first-ever Cannabis Family Reunion, an expo featuring vendors, informational talks, and medical cannabis resources. It was organized by Clarissa Clarke, the founder of Bodhi Lounge, a new legal private cannabis lounge”. This was a 4/20 celebration.

Notice the article mentioned vendors, advocates, information, and resources.There was no cannabis there though! Why? It is illegal to sell cannabis in Virginia nor anything about if you can deliver cannabis to virginia. The silliest paradox is you may smoke cannabis in private spaces in Virginia, but one may not sell, or thus buy cannabis in Virginia.

According to Clarissa Clarke as quoted by NBC news, the event was to celebrate as “a year ago on 4/20, nobody would be out in public celebrating that they are a cannabis user”! Good for them and to each their own. I still wonder why can’t you deliver cannabis to virginia? 

I live in Washington DC where you can buy recreational cannabis due to Initiative 71 (I will get to that soon); but I am still private about my cannabis use. I am nearly fifty and most of my life it has been about not getting caught in some legal nonsense over cannabis; like what happened to me when I was 18 in Virginia. So, hearing someone owns a cannabis lounge in Virginia has me screaming one or two questions. What is a cannabis lounge and can it help deliver cannabis to virginia?

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What are reports saying about legalization of marijuana delivery? 

The Outlaw Report indicates, “while a sanctioned recreational industry is still a ways off, that hasn’t stopped businesses from setting up their own enterprises where they can charge folks to smoke up. In Virginia Beach, there’s a new “cannabar” at a smoke, vape and CBD shop. (The owner) explained to local CBS affiliate WTKR, “Similar to a bar where you go and drink, you’re just enjoying a different type of drug, and that’s full-blown marijuana.” Patrons bring their own cannabis and pay for the privilege to smoke around other people. Nobody is here to strictly deliver cannabis to virginia. 

That is legal, right? Wrong! The Outlaw report again shares, “To quote the text of SB 1406, the legalization bill signed into law by Gov. Ralph Northam this spring, “‘public place’ means any place, building, or conveyance to which the public has, or is permitted to have, access.” In addition to restaurants, parks, hotel lobbies and other spaces enumerated in the new law, that would also appear to include vape and smoke shops where anyone can walk in and purchase products”.

JM Pedini, the executive director for the Virginia chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana (NORML) spoke with the Outlaw Report. Pedini indicates, “tiresome watching places like this pop up to make a buck on the backs of consumers. These businesses are clearly operating outside of what is legally allowed.”

Last week Virginia’s governor proposed amendments to a bill being proposed. This bill “would add criminal penalties for certain marijuana possessions… These new proposed penalties would be harsher than the law was prior to decriminalization taking effect in 2020,” Pedini indicates to NBC 10 news. 

Why can't you deliver weed in virginia

Can Initiative 71 Help legalization of marijuana delivery? 

One thing remains crystal clear in Virginia However, you cannot sell weed in Virginia. So back to the question posed in the headline of this article. Why can’t one deliver cannabis to Virginia? It is blatantly illegal to do so! So how can one consistently and safely get cannabis in Virginia without worrying about being caught up in some legal nonsense? That goes back to my statement about Initiative 71.

Initiative 71 is a measure in the District of Columbia that allows one to transport cannabis, gift, and smoke cannabis if it is not in public places. Will this help deliver cannabis to virginia? Initiative 71 allows individuals over the age of 21 to possess up to two ounces and gift it. What does “gift” mean? One cannot exchange cannabis for money, goods, or services. 

This has resulted in numerous I-71 (Initiative 71) businesses across the city. The district frowns upon shops that sell cannabis out of storefronts as one is obviously exchanging for money. These spots are fighting for legitimacy as medical cannabis companies are lobbying for them to be shut down and continue to be raided by police. The DCist has great articles on these battles.  

Some may still ask, “can this help deliver cannabis back to virginia?” Well, one can then traverse back to VA without breaking any laws. You cannot legally get weed brought to you in Virginia, but you can go to Washington DC to secure your 4:20 needs. My Virginia friends do so often since I shared how I get my supplies.