2021 Ended.. DC Dispensary Going Nowhere


2021 has came to an end, friends. The Marijuana Moment did an interesting reflection on a few points. I use the word interesting when something is questionable and may be bullshit as well…but it’s interesting. To be clear, not the reporting of the Marijuana Moment, the occurences in 2021 are interesting.  

They began with New York City getting their recreational cannabis. Why is this important? If Gotham, the big symbol of US capitalism allows it, the federal legislation is assumed to be next. If you drive to DC though, taking advantage of Initiative 71 means you can just come to the district for all your needs regardless of what certain states do in this area.  

The article by the Marijuana Moment also spoke to Virginia’s progress. I live in Virginia; thankfully near DC the legal issues they spoke to as gains were also considered minimal and theoretical by many publications we have presented.  Virginia has one word to deal with the article did not mention with the Republican takeover…”reenactment…” the state must vote again on all of the recreational provisions. I am glad I get down with Select Co-op in Washington DC.

The article went on to mention Alabama, New Mexico, Connecticut, and Louisianas happenings with cannabis. To be honest I do not care. I am concerned with Initiative 71 still being in effect in Washington DC. I dropped it earlier. Initiative 71 allows for folks to transport two ounces of cannabis and gift.  

The article spoke to Chuck Shumwr vs. GOP on cannabis. I do not think that is even a fight. Federally nothing has moved with cannabis. Am I a broken record…but being able to hit a delivery dispensary like Select Co-op has me good either way! 

The article should have ended with this but failed to do so. While Washington DC deals with surges of mediocre smoke shops that get raided, it is unfortunate some have to deal with these locations out of ignorance. However, there are reliable and dependable delivery dispensaries aka Select Co-Op that fit the need for discrete prompt service. Discrete unlike my all-caps shot-out!

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