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BEST WAYS GETTING YOUR WEED IN DC; for those that do not know wheres weed dc delivery or if it is illegal to sell cannabis in Washington DC. DC. GOV clearly informs us that “while the District’s marijuana statute allows for possession of small amounts of marijuana, it is not legal to sell it. As a result, MPD has been responsive to complaints of such illegal activity at local businesses throughout the city”.


Find Law, or any basic law website will inform that concerning cannabis in Washington DC, cannabis delivery in D.C., “There are no storefronts. Sales are arranged at designated places. While it is legal to give marijuana to someone, the sale of other items to make that gift can run afoul of the law quickly. There have been arrests made for these kinds of activities”.

Initiative 71


There is another issue even for medical card holders in Virginia. There are only five bud delivery dc dispensaries in the state. That can make for long drives and long waits in line. While Virginia limits sales to medical card holders, many medical card holders and recreational users take advantage of Initiative 71 in Washington, DC.

Initiative 71 allows for the delivery of cannabis, gifting of cannabis, and sharing of up to two ounces. Some are under the false premise that this allows for cannabis storefronts in the District of Columbia. This is absolutely false as a quick check on about Initiative 71 will inform one.


Time to get in to how to get weed in DC. Let’s search the scene and see what we’re actually looking at. Unlike California or Colorado the ability to have your marijuana tracked from farm to table doesn’t exist here. When in search for the best in the market a few options are available. Pop-ups, storefronts, and delivery/pick-up services rule in the capital city. Due to Initiative 71 finding marijuana isn’t some clandestine ordeal where you have to know a “guy” or something. The internet, with the choice of a few special keywords, will available you to a wide variety of options. Along with social media there are ”vendors” at your fingertips.

DC Meet Up Event


If you’re looking for a bite after the Nationals game and fireworks display check out Hatoba, which means dock. It was designed with its Navy Yard location in mind and offers Sapporo-style ramen. Housed inside an over 100-year old boilermaker building, the interior features touches of shipping containers and nods to Japanese baseball memorabilia (Nationals Park is just a couple of blocks away).

The 4th of July is the perfect day to honor the history of our great country by visiting a monument or landmark. Our nation’s monuments commemorate both historic events as well as natural wonders from sea to shining sea. Be sure to stop by one of America’s many landmarks. You’ll learn a thing or two about American history and have a weekend you’ll never forget and check out Washington DC cannabis deliveries or weed delivery dc.

Washington DC still has restrictions for gatherings and events. Virginia and Maryland, the states that surround the district have adjusted many regulations, but DC is standing pat. I wanted to go to a Wizards game and see Westbrook play, but I was reminded that no fans at games in DC yet. However, there are some 4/20 events you may want to check out that are happening in DC. The first is the Entering Cannabis: the Global Landscape Summit. This event will be aired online live and will last from 11AM through 11PM. Tickets are available via eventbrite.

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Lately I’ve been getting a few invitations to pop ups in the area. The last time I linked with some of my friends, at least one person got the bright idea to head over to some pop-up. I’ve been able to get out of it in a couple different ways. Once I had the good shit from my guy at Select, the other time I was blessed by the timing gods, since I was already on my way out when my friend raised the issue. I kept up a cool facade, but in my head I was like hell no, because who wants to travel to some random spot to get weed from someone I don’t know? I know some people who look to this as their primary way of getting weed, but I’m not one of those people. Read on to find out more about why I avoid this trend like the plague. 

I remember when DC first loosened the restrictions on recreational cannabis and legal “donations” for cannabis. All of a sudden you had these “pop up” spots at a random house in DC, or even more hotter at a hotel somewhere. Let’s look at these joints that can be tantamount to the wild, wild, west…