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Magic Mushrooms: The Best Chocolate Edibles in DC

Shrooms or Magic mushrooms are now low priority in Washington D.C. What “low priority” means for shrooms in Washington D.C. is that they are basically legal. In 2020, DC voters approved a ballot initiative that made growing, purchasing, and distributing mushrooms the lowest law enforcement priority for DC police, meaning you can have shroom gifts delivered to your door without worrying about running into trouble with the law.

Magic Mushrooms

What are Magic Mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms aka psilocybin is a psychedelic compound found in some mushrooms and plants that can cause hallucinations. Some psychedelic plants also alter mood, perception, and cognitive function.

Magic mushrooms and other psychedelic synthetic drugs that alters mood and perception, and is being studied for its potential benefits in treating various psychological and physiological conditions.

Are magic mushrooms legal in Washington DC?

Psilocybin mushrooms are not considered a Class I drug in Washington DC and can be legally possessed by people over 21 years old. If you are under 18 years old, your parents or legal guardian must sign a form called a “consent to access record” or “guardian consent form” before they can give you permission to possess psilocybin mushrooms.

The Entheogenic Plant Medicine and Fungus Policy Act of 2020 or Initiative 81 made it so that natural, from the earth psychedelics like ayahuasca, mescaline, and yes, magic mushrooms, were decriminalized. Which is basically the lowest law enforcement priority.

Is using magic mushrooms safe?

The use of Psilocybin is a controversial topic. After researching the use of Psilocybin in Washington DC, it can be said that these mushrooms are not used as a recreational drug anymore. They are used to treat mental health disorders such as depression and OCD.

Many people have said that psilocybin has helped them see their life differently, felt like they were in a mind-altering state, felt detached from their body or their surroundings, experienced intense waves of emotions that seemed to go on forever.

How do magic mushrooms make you feel

Magic mushrooms (shrooms) can make you feel relaxed, see colors and music, and even see grass growing through your hands. It’s a feeling so different from everyday life that millions of people try it out every year. Low doses usually make people feel energized and euphoric. Higher doses bring about visual and auditory hallucinations, along with an increased sense of confusion and difficulty concentrating or communicating with others.

How much should you take at one time?


First-time users should start with a small dose and work their way up. For example, The Polk-a-dot Bars come in 15 pieces and are 4 grams of psilocybin. I would begin with a gram and slowly consume more.  

Serving Suggestions on Polk-a-dot Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars:

Microdose: 1-3 Pieces to Stimulate the mind.

Therapeutic: 4-9 Pieces. Mindful and Elevated

God Mode: 10-15 Pieces. Walls Might Melt

What is micro-dosing? 

Micro-dosing is the practice of taking small doses of psychedelic substances, generally various forms of LSD, in an effort to improve mood, productivity and creativity. According to a recent study by researchers at Imperial College London, between 30% and 70% of people are already micro-dosing for its purported health benefits.

The practice’s popularity is growing as more people find that it improves their mental and physical performance, everyday mood, and creativity. The National Institutes of Health indicate that “micro-dosing” may be a way to treat mood disorders such as depression without any side-effects by heightening the ability of serotonin in your brain. The practice has also been shown to improve cognitive functioning.

What is macro-dosing?  

Macro-dosing can also refer to the practice of taking large doses of LSD in a short period of time to produce powerful effects, which is not usually done with micro-dosing, due to the lack of noticeable effects from smaller doses over time. It has been speculated that macro-doses may have a different set of effects than those produced by micro doses because they reach higher levels in the brain and could.

Macro-dosing has been reported to have different effects from micro-dosing due to the variation in doses and frequency, so it can be difficult to compare the two. It is possible that macro-doses have at times had a stimulant effect, and at times a sedative one.

Where to get magic mushrooms (shrooms) in DC

Thats easy! You can you purchase shrooms aka magic mushrooms right here from Select Co-Op by clicking this link!

Macro-dosing refers to taking large doses of LSD in a short period of time to produce powerful effects. This is not usually done with micro-dosing, as smaller doses over time have no noticeable effects.

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