Blue Cookies

Close on two fingers holding a peace sign. Pull back to see the classic face of the “Delightfully Dopey Stoner ” but guess what? It’s me and this is how that happened.
An hour and a half earlier I was you normal not so mild mannered but considerate to a fault guy trying to make his way home. In search for something outside my normal 50/50 hybrid. I decided to push it with an award-winning flower with a familiar sounding name. That’s were familiar ended for me.

The dense blue tinted crystal coated bud was fresh with a springiness for such a dense flower. Probably due to its Blueberry and GSC roots. As a fan of any cookies I expected it to dominate the flower like tends to do. Not with the Blueberry! Oh no the Blueberry didn’t just splatter around the front of the inhale but it lingered and lingered until you realize it when the fullness of the GSC fills out your toke. Quickly, it feels like your body is going in two directions at once. Your head is rising slowly but surely. While your body sinks like a polite quick sand. All the while I was stuck in the middle due to its nearly 30% THC content. Rolled, vaped, or pipe it’s all smooth with an almost crispness due to Blueberry.

Next thing you know I find myself fighting off an irrelevant YouTube wormhole while deciding whether I’m hungry or just got the munchies… I got an apple. I slowly turn and stammer carefully trying to make it out of the kitchen without any more food I probably don’t need. Suddenly, I think I hear water running in the bathroom of course.  Close on two fingers holding a peace sign. Pull back to see you when you when or if you get a chance to grab Blue Cookies. It’s pretty rare so don’t grab it when you get a chance. Snatch it when you see it. Its special.