Blue Magic Strain Review

Bang…”  (It’s) Necessary that I come with the raw, the magnetic, the sure, the most magical pure, (Bang)…So bear witness to the actual fact. It’s no trick or a magical act…simply Blue Magic– we speaking the facts! This strain made me think of Mos Def’s True magic tune.


Blue Magic is a magical act. I do not know how it is; but this strain is a phenotype of the classic Blue Dream strain.  The strain hits the mind and body like Blue Dream. The mind is infused with a focused and clear energy while the body is treated to a relaxation. This relaxation builds over time and is quite functional without sedation.  


Blue Magic tastes of sweet blueberries of course; however, and added of a spicy slightly skunk element is present as well. Thank you for the recommendation Select Co-op. This strain may top out at 29% THC levels. For more information about the rest of our strains, click here.

Sativa Girl

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