Cannabis Closing Curations For 2021

New Year

A single tear is rolling down my cheek. I have enjoyed curating with you all this past year BUT I am not going anywhere. I am just getting nostalgic about the year…. We have curated so many amazing combinations. Sparked so many wake and bake mornings… we have directed so many afternoon pick me-ups as well as afternoon wind down sessions. I feel like we have hit so many 4:20 experiences together.  

OK, I should not have hit this mix before writing. It is what it is. Strawberry Cough is our base for sativa enjoyment friends.  This classic is a sweet strawberry subtle kick with a nice wake and bake energy. Let’s blend this with Ultra Sour. This Ultra diesel progeny gives an Ultra diesel kick for an Ultra extra wake and bake boost.  

Now let’s mix Strawberry Cough with some Sour Patch Kids. I like this for a mid-day boost. The Sour patch Kids has a slight body relaxation that is nowhere near sedating and highly functional no matter what time of day. This mix has the taste of sweet berries and sour apple candies that are a decadent blend.  

Let’s transition into evening friends. Actually, to be specific, let’s begin in the mid afternoon. That is the ideal strain for this combination. Georgia Pie is the base we are going to use. This slight indica strain tastes of nutty vanilla and fruity elements. Mixing this with Nectarine Lips provides an amazing citrus, berry fruity taste that has an increased sativa blast of energy.  

Lastly, let’s end our evening with fruity decadence. Let’s mix Georgia Pie with Jelly Breathe. Now we have a sweet citrusy, berry, sugary herbal treat as a nightcap. Jelly Breathe is 90% indica that is over 33% THC levels and will retire one for the evening! Grab these curations yourself while Selec Co-op has this new batch of strains.  

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