Cannabis Culinary Creations

Welcome back my 4:20 enthusiasts here we are again with another edition of Cannabis Culinary Creations! Simply put, let’s mix some weed y’all. Here we go!

We are mixing strains of similar properties and flavors for increased benefits and effects. We are beginning with Ultra Sour as our base for sativa blends. This sativa hybrid is the product of crossing MK Ultra and Sour Diesel.  We suggest mixing this strain with Nectarine Lips. This gives you a delicious citrus, peach diesel flavor that is an excellent wake and bake sativa. 

Next let’s mix up some Ultra Sour with Doox. Doox, despite the confounding name, is a sweet fruity tasting sativa.  Doox also has a strong hazy cerebral effect. Mixing this with Ultra Sour is a chill afternoon sativa that provides a hazy relaxation while not being sedating.  

Lastly, let’s mixsome Ultra Sour with Wabanaki. This is a great afternoon or early evening combination. Both the strains offer strong functional relaxing properties as well as a clear minded cerebral effect. Mixing the two provides a crisp piney diesel taste as an after work stress release.  

Zookies will be our strain for evening combinations. Zookies is a hybrid made from crossing Animal Cookies and Original Glue. We suggest mixing this with White Runtz. In essence we are mixing Animal Cookies, Original Glue, Gelato, and Zkittlez. The result is a decadent cornucopia of fruity, sugary, creamy, nut, elements you will not want to stop smoking.

To wind down the evening, mix some Zookies with Jelly Breath strain. Jelly Breath while being 90% indica offers functional relaxation as well as a sweet piney taste that balances well with Zookies. With this combination you will be completely relaxed yet not couch-locked and can choose when to retire for the evening. Grab these strains to combine while Select C-op has them on deck!  

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