Cannabis Culinary Creations


Welcome back 4:20 enthusiasts. You know what it is! We are here for another edition of curating cannabis combinations. If you are new to the space we are making cannabis salads as some say; others say we are simply mixing good weed for better weed!

Let’s get into it. We will begin with our daytime sativa mixes. Lucid Blue will be our base. I love Lucid Blue as a wake and bake strain. This strain instantly locks the mind in focus mode and it is time to work. Lucid Blue tastes of skunk and blueberries. Let’s mix in some Red Congo, a  100% sativa. The result is an added piney taste to the flavor and the body and mind engaged to do anything.

Staying with Lucid Blue as our base let’s try a mix with Bay Dream. I love this strain for an afternoon pick me up; it is like cannabis coffee. While Lucid Blue focuses the mind Bay Dream adds in stimulating and arousing energy as well.  Both strains have Blue Dream in the lineage so the result is a peppery, skunk, berry blissful experience.  

Lastly we recommend Lucid Blue mixed with Chocolope. This is an afterwork strain for socialization and partytime.  The mind will be focused as well as stimulated to an almost psychedelic level with the added Chocolope. The taste is a chocolate blueberry skunk blast of decadence.  

We are now moving into our evening curations. Lime Skunk will be our base. Lime Skunk is a perfectly balanced hybrid that focuses the mind in elation while the body is functionally relaxed. I use this after work to relax without being heavy or lethargic. Later on in the evening when I want to prepare for rest I will mix this strain with Blueberry Kush, a 100% sativa. The mix tastes of skunk, lemon-lime, berry kush/pine. The effect is a tranquilizer dart within 20/30 minutes.

Again early in the evening I like Lime Skunk as a chill strain that I can still be active while using. Purple Hammer is a strain not used for functional activity! I simply like to choose the flavor of my tranquilizer. Lime Skunk and Purple Hammer tastes of purple candy or grape soda mixed with sprite and skunk. This mix like Blueberry Kush will put you out for the count as well. Enjoy and grab these strains from Select Co-op delivery dispensary while they are around.  

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