Cannabis DC Delivery: What Is Gifting?


So what is gifting in Washington DC? To be clear we are talking about Washington DC. Virginia only allows for medicinal purchases at state run facilities for card holders. There is no other way to legally purchase cannabis in Virginia. We here are law-abiding citizens.

So back to gifting in Washington DC…Initiative 71 allows for the gifting of up to an ounce of cannabis flowers in the city limits. It also allows for the gifting of cannabis. One cannot directly sell cannabis though!

But we still are dancing around the issue. What is gifting? That is kind of the point. Initiative 71 without explicitly saying it leaves a gray area for gifting. However, obvious line-crossers like storefront owners are often raided as it is blatantly a cash for product business. Also a few reads of the Outlaw or other local city papers will inform you that DC residents report these shops for the outside of the neighborhood elements attracted, as well as crime. Hence, the raids.

There are a few cannabis delivery dispensaries that operate in the Washington DC city limits. These companies offer services like a premiere list and/or website subscriptions. Cannabis products are gifted to clients for their subscriptions purchases. No money is exchanged for cannabis and only discrete and private exchanges occur.  

Gifting is literally one is giving you cannabis. However, do you think people are out here just giving away cannabis? In exchange for such a glorious “gift” providers offer a few services. Some sell t-shirts or stickers. I prefer the website “subscription” method.  

I have been dealing with Select Co-op for a few years now. I subscribed to their “dibs” list and enjoy the benefits of weekly and/or monthly gift rewards for my subscription. I strongly suggest you look at their subscription levels!

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