Cannabis Infused Beverages

I am summoning the energy of David Edwards from Half Baked. Y’all know who I am talking about….”Boo this Man” from the NA meeting!!! This man I am speaking of actually deserves to be booed.

I am speaking about the crafter of a new product I just read about being developed. The Denver Channel online publication is reporting on “Drinkable weed: The newest trend in craft brews.” I lived in Baltimore for some time and there are a few craft beer companies that have some great products… and some of this craft brew stuff is getting out of hand as well.

Do you all remember Blue Moon beer? I do. I never drank it but do remember it on the shelves when I was drinking beer. Well the founder and brewer has another beer venture brewing… They are developing cannabis beer.

The company is called Ceria as reported by the Denver Channel. They remove all alcohol from the beer. The beer does not get you drunk at all. The claim to fame is that it is actually a delicious brew you will want to drink. One of the developers posits it’s a “a socially enjoyable way to enjoy cannabis”…. “It’s not smoking. It’s better for you. It’s actually significantly faster-acting. He also said drinkables are much different than edibles.

“How many times have you heard, ‘I ate a gummy. I waited an hour. I didn’t feel it, so I ate three more,’”… “Because of the way the THC is infused into the liquid, it actually starts absorbing the instant it hits your mouth according to Matt Vincent of Oh Hi beverages. Companies are infusing seltzer, ciders, club sodas, etc. I am not really an edible person. However, I will be asking my folks at Select Co-op delivery dispensary if they will be getting their hands on any cannabis drinks any time soon!  

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