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CORONAVIRUS 2021 UPDATE-HOW TO GET WEED, as the Coronavirus rages on, affecting growing numbers of the population, some worry that this may change. Unwilling to roll the dice on this decision, or to subject themselves to a weed shortage many marijuana enthusiasts are taking the opportunity to stock up on cannabis delivery in DC.

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Now that two-thirds of the states support the legalization of medical marijuana and weed delivery in dc, it’s reassuring to see that many are recognizing this service as essential. Here’s a breakdown of how each state is managing access to legal cannabis during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Weed delivery DCas quarantine restrictions begin to lift, we’re all thinking about what the new normal will look like. Well, imagine swishing cannabis-based mouthwash as part of your daily coronavirus prevention morning routine. It could become a reality. Canadian research scientists at the University of Lethridge, working together with medical cannabis research and development company Pathway RX, and cannabinoid-based oral health company Swysh, recently published a study with preliminary evidence that cannabis may suppress COVID-19 infection through the oral cavity. Oral care, like mouthwash and throat gargle products, could become an important potential avenue for disease prevention.