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Welcome back 4:20 enthusiasts. It is time for another edition of cannabis culinary creative combinations. Simply put, let’s mix some weed. We take the best sativas and indicas that Select Co-op has on deck and curate some cannabis delicacies.  

Day Time Strains

We shall begin with our sativa combinations. Sour Candy will be our base. Sour Candy is decadently sweet day-time sativa. This strain tastes of equally sweet berries and sour “diesel-ness”. What happens if we mix this strain with Sweet Diesel? Flavor wise, I like the subtle addition of piney peppery earth tones. I appreciate the slightly relaxing energy that is quite functional as well. The mind is focused to knock out any tasks.  

Staying with Sour candy as our base we will mix that with some Super Sour Diesel. You may detect a theme here. I ama diesel aficionado and can and will mix all diesels all the time. This mix maintains the sweetness of Sour Candy with an added blast of diesel flavor on the exhalation. Super Sour Diesel adds a heady and somewhat spacey element to the Sour candy experience. This is for experienced diesel users!  

Lastly, I suggest mixing Sour Candy with Sour Patch Kids (SPK). This is a decadent daytime treat. Enjoy the blast of sweet and sour lemon elements, tropical fruits, sweet berries, and yes that awesome diesel kick on the back end. I like this for an afternoon treat. The SPK provides a sense of functional relaxation while the mind is elevated and focused on the tasks at hand.  

Evening/Night Time Strains

OK let’s move into our evening curations. White Widow will be our base for the nighttime experiences. White Widow has a sweet citrus taste that also has a spicy earthy element to it. This strain is a perfect blend of motivating and uplifting energy that also provides very functional and active relaxation. Mixing White Widow with Collins Ave adds a minty and sweet berry flavor to the party. Collins Ave will increase the relaxing properties making this ideal for early evenings that still allow you to cook, go for a walk, or just chill for a few hours without any couch lock.

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Again, staying with White Widow as our base for the evening, we shall add in some Grape Diesel. Yes, I must throw some more diesel into the mix. Grape Diesel is said to be a sativa leaning hybrid but I disagree with that.  Grape Diesel is for experienced users as this strain will fog the mind and put you down for the count if too much is smoked. However, the insanely rich fruity diesel taste is worth the moderation of toking. Mixing this strain with White Widow provides a citrus and spicy element to the sweet fruity diesel taste. This mix will have you lightly sedated while possibly quite aroused at the same time. Enjoy the descent into a relaxing bliss. 

Lastly, we have our nightcap selection. We recommend mixing White Widow with Do-So-Dos. There will be no square dancing after smoking this combination. This mix is a cornucopia of minty, piney, citrus, and creamy sugary flavors. The bodily effect is a heavy relaxation that grows into a couch locking or sleepy time bliss. Enjoy the flavors then enjoy a good night’s sleep. Grab these strains to mix up while Select Co-op has them.

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