Delaware Cannabis Empathy

Delaware Online reports that “the (latest) effort to legalize marijuana once again fails to pass in the General Assembly”. I empathize with Delaware cannabis aficionados. I read an article a few months ago about how folks were targeting illicit cannabis dealers to rob because it’s not like they can call the police.  

Medical Marijuana Movement

Delaware has a medical marijuana program. Like many other states this program is restrictive and offers few selections for those that can get a medical cannabis card. The Marijuana Moment reported that in Delaware medical dispensaries actually testified against and lobbied against recreational cannabis becoming legal.

The Marijuana Moment reported “businesses argued that enacting recreational legalization as delineated in the bill would oversaturate the market with retailers and create an oversupply of marijuana. Some explicitly talked about how the reform would hurt their bottom line, while others asserted that the costs of cannabis would become prohibitive for patients”. That simply sounds like the medical company wanting a monopoly and ignoring the polls in the state signaling the majority want recreational cannabis.  


Initiative 71

I have an option for you folks in Delaware. First understand that Washington DC is not that far of a drive for you guys. Once you can wrap your head around that then you need to understand Initiative 71.  

In Washington DC Initiative 71 has been in existence for about 7 years now. This law states that people may “gift” up to 2 ounces of cannabis. It is also legal to possess and transport cannabis. So what does that mean for you folks in Delaware?


Well, that means you all can subscribe to a DC delivery dispensary and pay for the access. Paying for such access will allow you to select and order your “gift”. You may drive down to Washington DC and grab two ounces of flowers and/or edibles/concentrates, cartridges.

I have been a subscribed member of Select Co-op for a few years now. I place my order after paying my subscription fee and set up my appointment.  I love the fact that they are always on time. It is not like you have to wait at all. I drive in from the outskirts of Northern Virginia and it is well worth my time. So while cannabis is illicit and a risk to grab in Delaware you all can take advantage of coming down to Washington DC; make a day trip out of it!   

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