New Diablo Wind Strain Review

Diablo Wind 3

This strain sounds like the ghost tale shipmates would tell in a nonsense movie like Pirates of the Caribbean. Beware that once every red moon the “Diablo Wind” drifts you into…blah blah blah…or it’s what you call the obnoxious flatulence of a dude that keeps farting in your space. It is an amazing strain though, and I’m about to tell you why in this Strain Review!

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What strain dominance is Diablo Wind?

Thanks for the recommendation Select Co-op. Diablo Wind is said to be a 70/30 sativa leaning hybrid. This is a great wake and bake strain for sativa lovers. Expect an almost instant rush of focused and creative energy to abound. This is perfect for hitting the gym or knocking out your to-do/honey-do list!

diablo wind

This stain is the product of combining Jack Herer and G-13 strains. Diablo Wind can top out at 17% THC levels. This strain tastes of sweet herbal elements balanced by peppery earthy flavors. I don’t know if I can sound the new strain alarm or not…while it is not “new” it is rare and does not come around too often. For more information about the rest of our strains, click here.

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