Dragon’s Breathe

Dragons Breathe

Hey there Co-opers.

Remember the days when weed was just weed? I do. Those were rough days. No matter what it looked, smelled, or hit like it was still just weed. Or at its best it was ” Kind Bud”. Lol. What exactly was Kind Bud anyway? Is “Kind” the strain, producers, or the way it made you feel? Someone give me an answer please. Lol. Is there a field somewhere full of plants labeled, “Kind?” Knowing what I know now. I know how much I didn’t know. The reason for my reflection is spurred by the unearned pride in the fact that I know I’m holding a bag of flower by the name of Dragon’s Breathe! Now that a name for a strain and it delivers. Kind? What’s Kind?

I’m not a Botanist. I’m a Co-oper! So as far as the fact that it’s a spicy, skunky, earthy flavored strain due to its parents Jack Herer and Northern Lights. Sativa dominant averages an astonishing 22% percent THC content! Its exceptional! Facts aside, when I put this beautiful bud in my bowl the spicy, skunky flavor begged to be savored more than ripped. Quickly anxiety from the day melts and you find things like traffic charming. It happened. Energizing but not overwhelming creating a sense of inner carefree whimsy that can’t be forgotten. Remember. It’s great. A must try! The next time you’re looking for good marijuana in DC, text us!