Grape Diesel Strain Review

I am a diesel aficionado. If it is diesel then I will grab it. There is nothing like the smell of diesel first thing in the morning! So naturally, grape diesel is a wake and bakers dream right? WRONG! a loud wrong in my Charlie Murphy voice (R.I.P.)!

Grape Diesel betrays the 75% sativa leaning hybrid statistic that is ascribed to it. This strain hits with a cloudy heavy cerebral high almost instantly. The body effect is heavy and you feel the sedation; if you are still awake to feel it. This is not for day-time functionality, but rather to be enjoyed during the evening/night.

Grape Diesel may top out at 25% THC levels. The berry and citrus elements that are present lessen the potency of the diesel/menthol/gassy taste. I would say grab this while Select Co-op has it indica lovers. For more information about the rest of our strains, click here.


Sativa Girl

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