Heavy OG Strain Review

What do you call an obese gangsta?  or…what do you call a swole oldhead? A Heavy Original Gangster (OG) of course! What else would you call them!


That’s right, we’re talking about Heavy OG. This strain will have you relaxed yet focused and elated; as well as being energized to get some mid-afternoon tasks done. This is a balanced hybrid that leans towards sativa but is functionally medicating. It is known to relieve pain and inflammation in the body. This strain may top out at 34% THC levels.


I almost forgot to break out the DJ Clue metal echo voice…”new strain, new strain”. Yes, Select Co-op keeps coming with the fire flowers! The lineage of Heavy OG is unbeknownst to me. I simply know it is fire! For more information about the rest of our stains, click here.

Sativa Girl

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