HOW CAN I GROW WEED IN DC? What is the growing process of cannabis? Before you do anything, make sure to set aside some time along with some space and effort if you’re looking into growing. It’s known among most growers that marijuana can take anywhere from 4-8 months to completely mature, depending on the strain and whether you choose to grow indoors or out. Although, within this time period there are 4 major stages that the plant endures through its life cycle (get out your pen and paper because this is VERY important). Germination, seeding, vegetative and flowering.

Growing and It’s Benefits

One thing that I didn’t know was how relaxing of a process this is. From watering the plant daily to pain and anxiety relief, once mastered, cultivating cannabis can be a major stress reliever in itself. Plus, it’s almost nothing more satisfying then watching your work evolve right in front of your eyes. So if you’re interested in growing for family, friends, or even yourself. Just make sure it’s legal recreational marijuana and make sure to take care of every plant like it’s your own kid. Cause in a way, it kind of is.

Feminized, Auto-Flower, Regular, Or CBD? Your Guide To Weed Seeds

To determine what kinds of seeds you want, begin with the end in mind. If your goal is to enter the world of breeding, or to grow genetically sturdy clones, regular seeds are the way to go. Regular seeds are natural and come in indica dominant, sativa dominant, high THC, and high CBD varieties.

If your aim is to maximize the growth of colas- the central flower cluster that forms among the main stems and large branches in a mature female cannabis – aim for feminized seeds. Feminized seeds stem from crossing female plants with other female plants, which forces female plants to pollinate the other. Feminized seeds almost guarantee your chances of germinating female plants, which means tons of buds and bud delivery dc.