Malawi Gold Strain Review

Malawi Gold

Malawi Gold Strain Review, is said to be a 100% sativa! I am a big boxing fan. So the first thing I think when hearing Malawi is Issac Chilemba. He was a good, not a great champion about a decade ago. However, that is not the Malawi Gold we are discussing…

Malawi Gold strain, you heard right fellow sativa lovers! It is a landrace strain so it is what it is, no crossing of strains. Malawi Gold can get up to 13% THC levels.  

This is a treat for wake and bakers! There is an instant influx of focused energy that motivates me to get up and get shit done. Malawi Gold has a spicy earth and piney flavor to it with a hint of sweet bananas. Again wake and bake off this sativa treat!