Malta Marijuana Move: Stick with DC Dispensaries

That’s it. I’m out of here! The federal government keeps bojangling (that translates as procrastinating for those that do not know) on legalizing cannabis. So do many states in the region. Thank goodness for Initiative 71 in Washington DC… we will get back to that later. 

However, the Washington Post recently reported that “Malta is set to become the first country in Europe to legalize the cultivation and consumption of marijuana for recreational use.” I know I know you were thinking the exact same thing I was thinking… Where the f#ck is Malta? Turns out Malta is in Europe. The country is a jet ski away from Libya. It is much closer to Africa than Italy. Ok, whatever, Malta is the first “European” country to legalize cannabis. However, you need to read the Washington Post article.

You do not need to read the article for any news about Malta and legalization. The article thumbnail image has a table full of strains and I have not heard of a couple of them.. these are going on my wishlist. I have not heard of Coast 2.1, Extreme Creme. However, I may not pack up and jump ship to Malta just yet. There is still initiative 71 in Washington DC. As someone that lives in Arlington, VA I’m just waiting to see what the state does with recreational cannabis. I have been using Select Co-op delivery dispensary for years now. While Malta may be the move, I am doing just fine in DC with Select!

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