New Acapulco Gold Strain Review

Acapulco Gold Strain

I remember a Beach Boys Song about Kokomo when I was in elementary school, and I would have sworn that Acapulco was in that song… Wrong! In my Charlie Murphy voice (RIP). Outside of it being a beach/port city in Mexico the Beach Boys would likely get robbed walking down the street singing that corny song. That being said, let’s get into the new Acapulco Strain!

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Is The Acapulco Gold Strain An Indica or Sativa?

Getting into Acapulco Gold; this strain is a classic landrace strain. On the first hit you taste sweet floral elements, a slight piney flavor, and a slight almost cacao flavor on the exhale. This strain is said to be 80% sativa leaning. It may be 100%.

What are the THC levels of The Acapulco Gold Strain?

This strain provides a classic sativa effect; the mind is elevated into a state of Euphoria that focuses the mind.  The body experiences a buzz that is not sedating or heavy whatsoever. Acapulco Gold may top out at 24% THC levels. Thanks for recommending it Select Co-op. For more information about the rest of our strains, click here.

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