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2 New Places To Smoke Weed In DC?

Where to smoke weed in DC? Here’s How To Enjoy Your Buzz. DC is home to a vibrant local music scene and is a stop for many internationally acclaimed acts. Marijuana can enhance the senses and makes music even more enjoyable. Engage all of your senses as you watch your favorite musician jam. Kick back with some drinks and enjoy yourself as weed wafts through the air, while you groove at some of the district’s best venues.

1. The Black Cat

Located in the heart of the historic U Street Corridor, Black Cat is a music venue located at 1811 14th St. NW, Washington, DC 20009 with its solid mix of underground local and international acts. It’s a cool spot to light one up and just enjoy the live bands and outdoor concerts.

2. 9:30 club

The 9:30 Club and its famed eclectic line-up is back in business. You can easily find local bands, orchestras, and choirs who are putting their own spin on your favorite patriotic tunes. Outdoor concerts on the 4th of July usually end with a fireworks display, so consider an outdoor live music performance the best of both worlds.

Why is everyone coming to smoke weed in DC?

If you travel to a place frequently or even just occasionally, securing a reliable plug for your cannabis needs is a big decision. Some people call it Cannabis Tourism, or Canna-tourism. I don’t care what you call it, but tons of people smoke weed in DC, especially in the Nation’s Capital. It’s a heady combination in a hell of a town, and finding the right recreational cannabis dispensary or recreational marijuana delivery to help you elevate is key to unlocking all the fun and relaxation possible in D.C., and for me there’s no better choice than Select-Co-Op.

Sure, we’ve got cherry blossoms, museums and monuments, but our nation’s capital is also a cannabis-friendly island surrounded by pot prudes, and it may be on its way to becoming as hot as Amsterdam, Jamaica, Colorado and California for folks who want the thrill and freedom of a legal high.

So Can You Smoke Weed In DC Legally?

The D.C. law allows people to possess up to two ounces of marijuana for personal use, allows consumption in a private place and allows residents to grow up to six plants. So can you walk down the street and smoke weed in DC? Legally no but no DC cop will say anything to you as long as you are NOT on federal property.

When cannabis became recreational legal in Washington DC I was still apprehensive about doing anything publicly concerning cannabis. Friends would toke up at a park or walk to a club hitting a joint. I was and am still leery about such behaviors. Thankfully, I have found a recreational dispensary delivery service, like Select Co-op. It has been a winding road of cannabis experiences.  

Can I Smoke Weed In DC Without A Medical Card?

So you are ready to grab your cannabis from the dispensary. If you’re in Virginia the only way that is happening is with your medical marijuana card. If you are not aware, it is a long wait for it to arrive and once it arrives the dispensaries are few and the selection even scantier at the medical dispensaries. “Casey” recently wrote about her woes dealing with Virginia medical dispensaries on

A areas are realizing that it is worth a monthly or bi-weekly (every other week) trip to come to Washington DC for their 4:20 recreational and medicinal needs. Washington DC has a few medical dispensaries. However, the Outlaw Report has documented the shortages that DC medical dispensaries are facing. The official licensed facilities have had challenges maintaining supply as larger companies to buy up the stock first.  

So why come to Washington DC for weed without a medical card? Drumroll please…. For Initiative 71 compliant recreational dispensaries. Now we will get clear with our terms. Sometimes terms are used interchangeably when they do not mean the same thing. For example, people often call a firearm magazine a clip; We know what people mean although a clip is for attaching a string of ammunition; usually for older vintage firearms.

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