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Details: THC: 24%

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The Green Lantern strain is a notable cannabis variety known for its balanced effects and distinctive characteristics. Predominantly a sativa-dominant hybrid, Green Lantern is appreciated for its ability to deliver an energizing and cerebral high, making it a popular choice for daytime use.

In terms of effects, Green Lantern is renowned for its uplifting and euphoric properties. Users often report an increase in creativity, focus, and alertness, making it an ideal strain for engaging in creative tasks or activities that require mental clarity. Its sativa dominance provides a stimulating effect, which can be beneficial for combating fatigue and enhancing mood.

Flavor-wise, Green Lantern typically features a blend of earthy and sweet notes, with some users detecting subtle piney or citrus undertones. This combination of flavors offers a pleasant and refreshing smoking experience.

Medicinally, Green Lantern is often sought for its potential benefits in managing stress, depression, and fatigue. Its uplifting effects can help elevate mood and provide a sense of well-being. Additionally, some users find it helpful for mild pain relief, although it’s not typically known for its analgesic properties.

However, like many cannabis strains with higher THC content, Green Lantern might be overwhelming for beginners or those with low THC tolerance. It’s always advisable to start with a small dose and gradually adjust as needed.

Overall, Green Lantern’s balanced effects, enjoyable flavor profile, and potential therapeutic benefits make it a favored strain among a wide array of cannabis users.

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