Sour Candy Strain Review

sour candy

This strain got me singing that old LL Cool J track…”I feel good (enter the old school break beat)…about Candy”!  I have never been a fan of scarfing down little balls of sugar, but this is candy I definitely crave. This is a sativa too!

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Sour candy is the result of crossing Sour Diesel and Bubble Gum. This strain was a surprise. With Bubblegum in the lineage, I assumed it would be more balanced or indica leaning. “Wrong” in my Charlie Murphy voice!  Sour Candy elevates your mood and focuses the mind. The effects are long-lasting throughout the day and there is no heaviness as the effects dissipate.  

Sour Candy tastes of sweet berries as well as the familiar taste of sour diesel; a gassy pungent element on the exhale. Sour candy may top out around 16% THC levels. This strain is said to be 80% sativa leaning and that feels about right! Great recommendation from Select Co-op! For more information about the rest of our strains, click here.

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