Sour Thai Review


As I was wondering around Washington DC trying to figure out how to get weed in DC. I started to reminisce about one of my favorite marijuana strains I found, Sour Thai!

If it’s not obvious from my early punctuation, I’m excited! This happens time to time. Not often enough but this time it’s warranted. Imagine the screen fading into a memory. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was a senior in high school and I find myself someway in the house of my new neighbor. Arnie was the coolest guy in school, all-star basketball player, and smalltime weed guy. It’s obvious that we were not friends, I wasn’t that cool. The coolest guy pulled out the best weed I’d had in my short life, Sour Thai. I never hung with Arnie again or saw the strain since but that day is over!

Let’s put our lab coats on now. A mix of Diesel and Chocolate Thai this sativa heavy strain offers no CBD value but its off the charts with a not so sneaky average 18% THC. It’s lineage lends itself to a happy an energetic high. The small dense buds are great for rolling. Science aside, when I rolled up a gram of Sour Thai. The inside of the bud was packed with crystals to the stem. The golden amber crystals smiled at me as I admired them in the sunlight. Then came the fire!

The cocoa flavor plays on the pallet until it reaches the back of the throat.  That’s when it’s diesel lineage introduces itself with that familiar tone. Cool energy is a good way I describe. Not bouncing around the house cleaning high but it definitely makes the small things interesting. It took the mundane out of a Monday… and Tuesday… You get it. It’s great! If you see it! Get it! Trust me. You won’t forget it. Lol