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Welcome to Select Co-Op’s exclusive specials page! As Washington DC’s premier recreational marijuana dispensary, we’re thrilled to offer our valued customers unbeatable deals on our premium range of products. Discover the finest Flowers, Edibles, Concentrates, and Vape Pens, along with our sought-after mushroom chocolate bars and gummies. Dive in and enjoy the best of Select Co-Op at special prices!

Flowers Specials

Flower Power: Get a special rate on our top-shelf flowers. Perfect for those looking to experience pure, unadulterated cannabis at its best.

Edibles Specials

Edible Extravaganza: Sample our mouthwatering edibles at prices that make indulgence a daily affair.

Vape Specials

Taste the Rainbow: Choose any three different flavors of our delicious carts and get 10% off.