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Catfish Strain Review

Strain Type: Sativa-dominant Hybrid
THC Content: 18-23%
CBD Content: <1%
Rating: 8/10
Best For: Daytime use

About the Strain

Catfish, a sativa-dominant hybrid, stands out in the cannabis world for its energizing and mentally stimulating effects. It’s a top choice for those seeking a cerebral buzz coupled with a light physical relaxation, perfect for day-long enjoyment.


Catfish‘s genetics are a blend that leans heavily towards sativa, giving it a characteristic energetic and uplifting profile. While its exact lineage might be a bit enigmatic, its effects suggest a strong sativa influence, perhaps with some haze or diesel heritage.


Catfish buds are typically long and tapered, reflecting their sativa heritage. They exhibit a vibrant green color, sometimes with yellowish or golden hues. The buds are adorned with a frosty coating of trichomes and have abundant orange pistils.


Upon encountering Catfish, you’re greeted with a pungent, earthy aroma mixed with hints of diesel. There may also be subtle undertones of citrus or herbs, adding to the complexity of its scent profile.


The flavor of Catfish is as intriguing as its aroma. Expect a blend of earthy and diesel notes, complemented by a citrusy tang on the exhale. It’s a unique taste that sativa lovers particularly appreciate.

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Catfish is celebrated for its invigorating effects. It typically delivers a swift cerebral high, enhancing creativity, focus, and mood. This makes it ideal for daytime use, especially for activities that require mental alertness.

Medical Benefits

As a sativa-dominant strain, Catfish may be beneficial for managing fatigue, mood disorders, and mild pain. Its uplifting effects can be particularly useful for combating stress and depression.

Negative Effects

Common side effects include dry mouth and eyes. Due to its potent cerebral effects, some users might experience mild anxiety or paranoia, particularly at higher doses. It’s advisable to start low and go slow, especially for those new to the strain.

Consumption Method

Catfish can be enjoyed through various methods, including smoking, vaping, or even as a concentrate. The method of consumption can affect the intensity and duration of its effects.


This strain is excellent for creative pursuits, social activities, or daytime tasks that require a clear head. Its energizing effects make it less suitable for evening or relaxation-focused use.

Overall Impression

Catfish is a distinguished sativa-dominant hybrid, earning a solid 8 out of 10 for its unique flavor, uplifting effects, and versatile usage. It’s a must-try for sativa enthusiasts and those looking for a daytime strain that boosts creativity and energy.

If you’re interested in trying Catfish or have any more questions, feel free to reach out to us at Select Co-Op.

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