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Sugar Plum Strain Review

Strain Type: Sativa

THC Content: 18-23%

CBD Content: <1%

Rating: 8/10

Best For: Daytime & Nighttime use

About the Strain

Sugar Plum is a Sativa dominant strain that beckons with its sweet name and delivers a potent punch. This award-winning strain has become a favorite among enthusiasts who enjoy a versatile high suitable for all hours.


Sugar Plum is the result of meticulous breeding, a cross between Berkeley Blues and an unknown Hawaiian Haze. The genetic combination has created a strain celebrated for its energizing yet mellow effects.


Sugar Plum is as delightful to the eyes as it is to the palate. The buds are usually small to medium in size, with a strikingly frosty appearance thanks to a wealth of crystal trichomes. Its purple and green foliage is often threaded with vibrant orange pistils.


The strain greets the nose with a sweet and fruity fragrance, reminiscent of a basket of freshly harvested plums. There’s a subtle undertone of earthiness that grounds the aroma, giving it a natural and ripe bouquet.


As expected, Sugar Plum tastes like it smells—sweet and rich. The smoke is smooth, with a fruity plum flavor dominating the profile. A hint of nuttiness might come through on the exhale, adding to its dessert-like appeal.


Upon consumption, Sugar Plum delivers an uplifting cerebral high that can spark creativity and energy, making it suitable for daytime use. However, its subtle indica genetics provide a relaxing undertone, which makes it just as pleasant for evenings.

Medical Benefits

Medically, Sugar Plum is utilized to combat fatigue, lift spirits, and manage stress. Its versatility also lends itself to mild pain relief, though its low CBD content means it’s not the primary choice for severe pain management.

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Negative Effects

The most common side effects include the typical dry mouth and eyes. Since it’s a sativa with substantial THC levels, those sensitive to these effects might experience slight paranoia or anxiety when consumed in large doses.

Consumption Method

Sugar Plum can be enjoyed in a myriad of ways—rolled into joints, packed into bowls, or vaporized for a clearer flavor profile. Its pleasant taste also makes it a good candidate for creating cannabis-infused edibles.


Whether you’re looking to energize your morning or enhance your evening unwind, Sugar Plum is adaptable. It’s a hit at social gatherings or during solitary creative sessions, fitting a variety of moods and settings.

Overall Impression

Sugar Plum earns its 8 out of 10 for its delightful flavor profile, engaging effects, and aesthetic appeal. It’s a strain that novice and experienced users alike will find pleasure in. A real gem in the sativa world!

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