Tangie Cookies Strain Review

This strain does not sound very appealing. Tangerines alone are okay to snack on from time to time. However, a Tangerine Cookie does not sound good at all. I prefer it’s nickname as it just sounds better. So let’s check out Tangie Cookies.

I”m so glad Select Co-op recommended this strain. I would have not grabbed it otherwise. This strain is the product of crossing Tangie and Thin Mint Cookie strains. Actually the sour citrus and creamy, nutty, minty cookie elements combine smoothly and deliciously. It may top out at 28% THC levels.

Tangie Cookies is a wake and bake strain for sativa lovers. This strain almost instantly hits with a lifting effect with a sharp focus to tackle mental tasks or get out and physically get something done. Enjoy this strain while it is around my 4:20 enthusiasts. For more information about the rest of our strains, click here.

tangie cookies strain review

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