Virginia Cannabis… Is It Working?

The News Leader recently published an article entitled “Virginia marijuana legalization: What worked, what hasn’t worked, and what’s ahead in 2022.” As a Virginian I may have an unfair or maybe biased perspective. I live in Alexandria, Virginia and have quick access to Washington DC for Initiative 71.

Initiative 71 allows for the gifting of cannabis and the transportation of it, two ounces is the maximum gift.  If you see storefronts or “pop-up sites” advertised then I would be weary. These spots are not compliant with “gifting”, are often raided, and have sketchy weed. Check out Outlaw reports on some of these shops. Initiative 71 was Washington DC’s compromise to having legalized recreational cannabis but having no infrastructure to have the city regulate it; nor legal recourse as the city is still under the federal government. Virginia legalized recreational cannabis but outside of growing it yourself there is no recourse to legally procure it in Virginia. Ok, let’s get into the points of the article.  

The article mentioned “record sealing” has worked. Miss me with that! Expungement works. Sealing is not erasing one’s record and things can be unsealed and discovered by folks that want to find it. The article mentioned personal cultivation has worked as well. If you are in a rural area.. or built your indoor grow house I am glad it worked out for you. That is not practical for most people. I know folks from Alexandria to Norfolks that drive to DC for the selection, ease, and no legal drama to grab cannabis via delivery dispensary.

What has obviously not “worked” is the “reenactment clause”. When Virginia legalized cannabis they did so for two years with the law having to be “reenacted.” The new Republican administration has not said they are repealing the law but has not clearly communicated what will happen either as reports. The article mentioned “resentencing, expungement, and licensing” however did not approach it from what has worked versus not worked as Virginia has done minimal to nil in these areas. The News leader reports “timetables” are being established.

The article ends by asking the question, “what about the medical cannabis dispensary that was supposed to open in Staunton”? My question is what about it? I live in Alexandria. Even if I could get a card it makes no sense to drive there. Roanoke news recently did an article about the scant selection and long wait period to get a medical card. Whether it is for medical or recreational use many in Virginia are better served by taking advantage of a quality delivery dispensary like Select Co-op. I have been using them for years. 

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