Virginia Still Playing Games: DC Delivery Dispensary ALL-DAY! 


The article I clicked was titled “retail marijuana sales could bud in Virginia as soon as 2023.” Yes, that was an on-the-nose almost nostalgic corny tagline. However, is this tagline even based in any sense of political reality?

That headline would have one to believe within 18 months one can be grabbing legal recreational cannabis in Virginia. According to “During a meeting on Thursday, members of the Cannabis Oversight Commission raised the possibility of accelerating legal sales to July 1, 2022, with the state’s Board of Pharmacy overseeing the market. Staff helping the commission informed members that the Cannabis Control Authority, the regulatory agency set up under the legislation, would need until at least 2023 to set regulations for the legal market.”

The article then went on to state the politically obvious. With Republicans now in control of all three statewide offices and control of the General Assembly now split, GOP lawmakers could vote down any of the commission’s proposals. Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin said during his campaign that he would not look to repeal legalization and Republican lawmakers have signaled they wouldn’t seek to roll back Virginia’s existing law.”

Republicans do not need to roll back any law. The state has to re-enact “recreational cannabis provisions with another vote. No need to speak of repeal if without enough votes in the Republican dominated state it can just not be “reenacted.”

Re-enact or Enact! Recreational or keep having folks wait in lines for scant selections at medicinal spots like the Roanoke news has informed. Initiative 71 in Washington DC allows for folks to come into the DC limits and grab up to two ounces via a gift. I have been dealing with Select Co-op for over two years now. Virginia can keep doing the nonsense because I am straight! Are you? Holla at Select Co-op!  

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