Washington Auto Show: DC Cannabis Delivery

DC Auto Show

The Washington Auto Show is almost here. There will be strict COVID protocols announced by Mayor Bowser’s office as reported by PRNnewswire. The Washington Auto Show will be held at the Washington Convention Center.

Have you seen the list of exhibitors? What is cooler than checking out the new trucks or off-road vehicles by Subaru, Toyota, RAM, and Jeep? What is sexier than checking out the new sports performance vehicles from Alfa Romeo, Bentley, Lamborghini, and Maserati? What is doper than checking out the newest concept cars from the latest unheard of companies?

I will tell you my 4:20 enthusiasts. Excuse me while I morph into John Stewarts’s character from Half Baked; I will tell you what is better than all of the aforementioned. What is better is experiencing all of the aforementioned…”ON WEED!!!”

While you check out the latest concept cars, trucks, and just dope rides overall make sure you meet your 4:20 needs first. You do realize in Washington DC Initiative 71 allows for cannabis gifting right? This law does not allow storefronts to sell weed. Nor does it allow for cannabis parties or pop-events.  

Initiative 71 allows for the transportation of cannabis and gifting up to one ounce of flowers. Gifting can mean a service may charge you for a subscription to a cannabis website. Then that service may provide flowers, concentrates, and/or edibles to you as a gift.

I have been using Select Co-op for years. So in the next few weekends I will be in the right mindset to appreciate the dope rides of the future. Ensure you grab your supplies from Select Co-op to enjoy this automotive bliss as well. I am looking forward to what new Overland trucks will be displayed! 

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