Weed Delivery in Washington DC

Hey Co-opers,

When coming to the nation’s capital in search of the some the best herbal remedies. You may need a guide to make this easy for you because of DC’s laws Initiative 71. It gives you the opportunity to have weed delivery services, medical marijuana and pop up shops.

There are different websites and venues to go to in the city on almost everyday of the week. Some I feel are a little shady and over crowded. So I personally took it upon myself to go out and find myself the best weed delivery service in Washington DC and this is what I learned. Select CO-OP is indeed the top weed delivery service in Washington DC.  It’s really simple to order and you get a live person on the phone to talk to.


  1. Be inside of the District of Columbia and have a VALID ID to prove you are 21.
  2. View our menu on the Menu page or simply click HERE
  3. Text us  202-459-1401 with your gift order and we will send you a convenient location.
  4. We will be in touch to confirm your appointment.