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I thought Maryland was in the stone ages when it comes to cannabis. Maryland decriminalized cannabis but it is not recreationally legal. ABC news has done reports on the racial disparities on arrests for cannabis although they are decreasing.

Arrested for Cannabis


However, to borrow a line from Nina Simone…West Virginia “Goddam”! Mpp. org reports “West Virginia’s 2022 legislative session adjourned on Saturday, March 12. Although several cannabis policy reforms were introduced — including bills to expand the state’s medical cannabis program, decriminalize cannabis possession, and legalize and tax cannabis for adults — none were taken up this year”.  

I had no clue one can still be arrested for cannabis possession in West Virginia. Like the old days in Washington DC police would set up shop around areas they want to arrest people. Those areas were never in upscale parts of the city!  

Mpp. org further reports “West Virginia remains one of the 19 states that have yet to decriminalize cannabis possession. Under current law in West Virginia, a first offense for possession of any amount of cannabis carries a mandatory minimum of 90 days’ imprisonment (with a conditional discharge for up to 15 grams with probation).” Damn… a mandatory 90 days and/or probation.


Initiative 71

I feel for you folks in West Virginia. I am not saying this solves all of your problems but this is an option. I would cease attempting to procure cannabis on the street. It is too dangerous for you all. What do you know about Initiative 71?

In Washington DC this provision allows for the “gifting” of cannabis up to 2 ounces. One can possess and drive with cannabis. I have been driving into DC from Maryland for a few years. I subscribe to Select Co-op’s Dibs list and schedule appointments to drive into the city and procure my cannabis needs. Select Co-op has edibles, concentrates, and carts as well. Taking a day trip to DC is an option you West Virginians may want to consider to eliminate some of the risk you all take just to 4:20!  

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