WHERE TO GET WEED IN DC? These “vendors” tend to have been around the longest and that’s no accident. They’re mostly found online or on sites where they’re cleared and reviewed constantly keeping them on their toes. Larger varieties of strains is a tale tell of a great “vendor”. Prices may tend to be a little higher than the pop-up and storefront but it’s worth it. Updated menus and online ordering makes the experience a cut above. The top shelf ”vendors” also have a pick-up option where you can pick from the menu yourself, our favorite. You can shop, it’s convenient, and the quality is the best. Delivery/ Pick-up  is definitely our tops… So far.

Weed In DC

There are more than a few dc delivery service in the District of Columbia. I would drive into the city for cannabis. While recreational marijuana is legal in Virginia to consume, anyone doing pot delivery dc isn’t. Although, delivering in Virginia is a novice to the game, setting themselves and you up for a perp walk. “Shooot”, in my Clay Davis voice; no thank you. The same holds for Maryland. In the District a reputable and established service, like Select Co-op where I get my supplies from. This is your best best to secure your 420 needs and pot delivery dc.

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You have concluded your visit to the District of Columbia and you have left over cannabis, actually you purchased a surplus to take home with you. How do you transport it? The safest means is in your own car via a route friendly to marijuana possession. Be aware that if you are driving that states have different laws concerning cannabis so know the laws of the states you are traveling through. If your a washington dc local then try marijuana delivery Washington DC.