White Pie Strain Review

White Pie Strain Review | Select Co-Op

She’s me Cherry Pie, mix her with some White for a more relaxed high, She’s my Cherry Pie…White Cherry Pie.  Every time I hear Cherry Pie I got to give it up to  Warrant for classic 80’s pop music  So if you followed that, White Pie is a cross of Cherry Pie and The White strains.  This blend balances the sativa effects and Cherry pie taste with the hard hitting indica effects and piney earthy/woody taste of The White strain.

White Pie gives you the benefit of both indica and sativa worlds.  For those new to the game Cherry Pie tastes like…Cherry Pie.  Like seriously you question how this happens. White Pie retains the Cherry Pie sweet taste with an undertone of sweet pine and wood flavor.  Its like the crust on the pie is extra thick but also sweet.  It offers a nice balance with flavors.  

The effects of White Pie are exceptional.  At first hit the mind is energized with euphoric thoughts that want to move do, talk, and create.  Its a great blast of energy. After the initial blast of cerebral energy a wave of body relaxing power slowly begins to match the mental effects.  White Pie registers THC levels between low to high 20%,  This strain has powerful body effects that can be used for chronic pain and inflammation.  This is a great strain to use after a good physical workout.  Enjoy and happy 4:20.